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Hot Dog Machine

Hot dog is a common staple snack or mini meal for everyone in the United States and is also a favorite item among the fast foods. You may get a hot dog store at every corner of the streets each offering their own specialties and unique combinations. The ease of this dish is that there are hot dog machines readily available in the market which helps you prepare a hot dog in very less time and with very less effort. Moreover, there are equipments where you can steam and warm the hot dogs, so that they can be kept ready and warmed in the machine before serving it to a customer.

There are quite a few varieties of hot dog machines that are present in the market and we will try and take a look at each of those here.
First is the Hot Dog Grills, also called as Roller Grills. They have a cooking time of 10 to 15 minutes and each roller has its own independent heating element so that you can have selective operation options. These equipments are best for customer self service and also the visible rolling movement of the rolls and grills and hot dogs attract customer interest too.

Hot Dog Machine

Second is the Hot Dog Steamers, where the cooking time is 20 to 30 minutes and they produce a traditional hot dog taste and flavor. The steam function keeps the buns and hot dogs fresher for longer time.The benefit of thisĀ Hot Dog Machine is that its enclosed design provides a uniform heating to the hot dogs and keeps it maintained at a consistent temperature too.

Third is the Hot Dog Broilers, where the cooking time is in a middle range compared to the other two at 15 to 20 minutes. The rotating rotisseries can be seen and is an attraction for the customers. This is also an enclosed design and maintains a consistent temperature for the food throughout.

However, all the hot dog machines are easy to operate and can even be self operated by the customer but the cooking time, cooking methods, display options and design are a matter of concern when you go for buying one in the market. There are few other factors that should be considered while selecting a hot dog machine and those are the size of the machine that is the capacity which varies from 18 to 850 hot dogs at a time. Choose according to your requirements. Next, the bun warmers which are available from a size of 4 to 72 buns heated at one time. Warmed buns along with hot dogs enhance the complete taste. Then there are bun boxes available with some for storage and easy access of buns varying in the size from 32 to 152 buns at a time. The last but very important thing is the health and hygiene code of the hot dog machine which should comply with standards and have sneeze guards etc fitted for health reasons as well as customer satisfaction.


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