Hot Dog Machine

Get ready to make plump, juicy, hot dogs, bratwursts and sausages with one of our Hot Dog Machine. The machine is very easy to use, the hot dogs are pre-cooked and can actually be eaten cold, and the machine simply steams them until the cooked temperature is reached. As we know that hot dogs are really easy to make, easy to sell and obviously wonderful to eat. This machine will help you get all this with a great and complete family fun. This one is small in size. The streamer-style machines make larger quantities of dogs and the roller-style produces dogs that taste even better than home-grilled.

Commercially hot dogs grills and accessories are necessary equipment to easily server dogs in a commercial setting. While all hot dog machines are easy to use and can be self serve, employee operated or both, the cooking method and design are important considerations.

Hot Dog Machine

Using one of our commercial hot dog machines will help you to consistently create a perfect hot dog. Watch those juicy franks plump as they slowly rotate along the hot dog roller grill. Hot dog steamers are economical, easy to use, and easy to clean. These affordable counter top hot dog machines are popular with mobile or permanent concession stands, carnivals, festivals, fairs, bars and convenience stores.

2012 new design hot dog equipment
1.  Simple operation
2.  Easy maintenance
3.  Durable
4.  Efficient follow-up service

hot dog machine bakery equipment
1.easy to operate and clean
2.lowest cost with highest profits.
3. 5 or 6 hole numbers.

Gently steams frankfurters inside glass cylinder using the bains marie method.
2 aluminium rods to hold buns.
Stainless steel base & rubber feet.
Adjustable thermostat.

Hot dog rollers are intended to cook and hold Hot Dog Machine for extended periods of time, however, they aren’t necessarily going to have the fastest cook time. Mobile vendors, or vendors that need to quick cook their dogs should consider a steamer.

The roller grills has following advantages:

a) Average cooking time is a quick 10-15 minutes

b) Rolling movement of grills and hot dogs attract customer interest

c) Each roller has its own heating element for consistent cooking and temperature

d) Most ideal design for customer self service

Hot Dog Steamers

a) Average cooking time is 20-30 minutes

b) Results in traditional hot dog taste

c) Steam keeps hot dogs and buns fresher longer

d) Buns and hot dogs cook in same space

e) Enclosed design keeps food at consistent temperature

Hot Dog Broilers

a) Average cooking time 15-20 minutes

b) Rotating rotisseries attract customer attention

c) Enclosed design keeps food at consistent temperature.

d) We have 5 million pounds public liability

e) Our operator has a valid food hygeine certificate

Now you can make delicious ballpark hot dogs at your concession stand, carnival, cafeteria or fast food stand. A City Discount can provide professional equipment to steam, broil or grill hot dogs from popular concession manufacturers, including Benchmark, Nemco, Adcraft, and Commercial Pro. Most machines have decals and provide clear visibility of the hot dogs and buns to increase sales.


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